About Us

‘Transforming the fuel supply chain and green credentials of coal fired power stations’

The result of seven years of extensive research and development, for which fourteen ‘greenfield’ patents have already been filed, CoalSwitch is set to transform the power generation industry and further propel biomass into the energy mainstream.

CoalSwitch™is a carbon neutral renewable fuel derived from plant or wood-based residues. As such, supplanting coal with CoalSwitch™ typically provides an 85% (or higher) net saving on carbon dioxide emission. Biomass-derived fuels already account for circa 60% renewable energy production in the European Union but the real ‘holy grail’ of the power generation industry is the development of a “drop-in” biofuel that can be used by coal-fired power plants without the need for a costly retro-fit programme and has a heat content comparable to that of most bituminous coals. CoalSwitch™ is exactly that product!

The CoalSwitch™ product possesses comparable energy (BTU) levels to coal, and has similar handling and milling characteristics. CoalSwitch has been thoroughly tested and proven to be a true drop-in alternative to coal.

It enables coal-fired power plant owners to significantly reduce sulphur, mercury,and greenhouse gas emissions, immediately benefitting the environment and improving air quality; and allowing them to continue generating power while complying with new environmental regulations.

The CoalSwitch manufacturing technology works with any plant or wood-based biomass material, including previously-unusable timber (branches, bark and forestry thinnings), sawmill waste (contaminated or aged sawdust and offcuts) and reclaimed wood; by removing contaminants in a natural process that leaves no harmful residues. natural

Aside from producing high-energy fuel with similar characteristic to coal, the CoalSwitch process provides several key advantages over existing biomass fuel pelleting solutions. They include high volume throughput, lower production costs, the ability to supply the finished feedstock in different formats (pellets, granules, briquettes and bales) and - crucially - greatly reduced storage, handling and distribution costs, as the final product is hydrophobic (i.e. water-resistant) and especially durable.

Key features

  • Works with any wood-or plant-based material, including forestry, agricultural and, uniquely, industrial/chemically-treated timber wastes
  • Increases energy and bulk densities to levels comparable to coal – as a result, the costs to transport CoalSwitch is highly economical relative to a coal alternative and 60% more cost effective than white fuel pellet
  • Product is hydrophobic so easy to transport and no need for expensive climate-controlled storage facilities, unlike white fuel pellet which requires climate controlled storage, shipping and handling
  • Product that can be economically pelletised, briquetted, or baled, either alone or blended with coal without costly binders
  • When co-fired with coal, it improves coal-burning efficiency and providing power plants the carbon emission reduction required
  • Clean manufacturing process utilises no chemicals and leaves no harmful residues
  • All CoalSwitch Plants are modular and demountable.